Stevan Pasero has recorded 40 albums of music and his recordings have been licensed and compiled onto 750 albums that are globally distributed. His newest album, Solo Standards, is scheduled for release on April 15, 2016, and features new concert arrangements of his favorite standards (Classical, Jazz and Pop) such as Claire de Lune, Con Te Partiro, Return To Sorrento, Spanish Eyes, Besame Mucho, Wave, Norwegian Wood, Black Orpheus, Carinhoso, How Insensitive, and What a Wonderful World.


Mr. Pasero has transcribed hundreds of classical works, written over a thousand compositions and arranged numerous standards for the guitar concert repertoire. In addition, his sheet music archive also includes technical excerpts from his first book, Mastering the Art of Guitar, which include scales, arpeggios, slurs and various other daily exercises for all guitarists: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Hundreds of scores are available on this site.


Stevan Pasero is the Chief Executive Officer for four music industry companies, all of which provide services and solutions for global distribution, publishing, record label management and recording studios. Recently, Mr. Pasero spoke at the Berklee School of Music with the lecture: Solving 15 Years of Recorded Music Revenue Decline: The Past, The Present and The Future. For the past 40 years, Mr. Pasero has been active in all facets of the industry and throughout the 5 Great Eras of Recorded Music: Vinyl, Cassette, Compact Disc, Downloads and Streaming. He has distributed music products through every imaginable music channel: internet, mobile, satellite, cable, music stores, gift shops, big box retailers, licensees and wholesalers, and is a rich resource relevant to the evolving entertainment landscape: technology, social media, hardware, RIAA and legislation, distributors, collection agencies, labels, artists, music trends and more.


Mr. Pasero is finishing his second book called: We Affect the Effect, 150 Years of Music rEvolution, What Happens Next? Release schedule is planned for the summer of 2016. In the book, Mr. Pasero reviews the Great Music Decline of 2000-2015, reviews in detail the past 150 years of recorded music from 1865-2015, and forecasts the music industry over the next 2 decades with his Grand Formula.


Mr. Pasero performs concerts solo, as a duet with bassist Sascha Jacobsen, and with the the Festival of Four quartet, and offers master class instruction for guitar students.

Gulf Port, MI. 1.18.16, concert with Festival of Four

Half Moon Bay, CA, 10.03.15, concert with Sascha Jacobsen


CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, SUGO MUSIC GROUP: Celebrating its 30th year anniversary, Sugo Music Group delivers one of the largest digital distribution portfolios for record labels, musicians, and various multimedia archives to over 250 countries and territories worldwide.

GENERAL MANAGER, NEN MUSIC PUBLISHING: With its 4 publishing subsidiaries (El Granada Music, Twobones Music, Sugo Recording Company, and City Lights Music), NEN Music provides a suite of publishing services (Film, TV, Commercial) for songwriters and subpublishers around the world.

PRESIDENT, SOLEA GROUP: With its 10 subsidiary record label imprints (Portico Music, Monarch Music, World Collective, Level Out Music, Smarty Pants Music, Vista Music, SoundLink, Soundecor, Meritage Music, Studio 634), Solea Group represents thousands of international music and video artists.

OWNER, GRANADA STUDIOS: Located just south of San Francisco, Granada Studios offers a wide of a range of recording, mixing, mastering services and more.