Stevan Pasero is both a gifted artist and successful businessman. He has chosen to dedicate his life work to the arts and to the music industry. It is noteworthy and inspiring. It’s been a unique journey, one that has taken much time and resources to fulfill.

He has built effective music businesses while recording numerous music albums, transcribing masterworks, and sharing his life works as a guest lecturer and educational/non-fiction writer. Mr. Pasero is recognized worldwide as a prolific contributor to the guitar repertoire over the past three decades. He has transcribed numerous symphonic works and composed, arranged and produced over 1000 pieces for solo, duo and various ensembles.

Esteemed music critic Richard Pontzious
(San Francisco Chronicle)

“Tastefully done, stylishly played; there are so many complimentary things to say!”

Mr. Pasero has founded 4 music companies ranging from global digital music distributor, record label, publishing and recording studio. Altogether these 4 companies comprise 21 subsidiary imprints and span all aspects of the music industry.

Over the past three decades his music distribution company, Sugo Music Group, has distributed, sold and manufactured all music media (Vinyl, Cassette, Compact Disc, Downloads, Streaming) and delivered music products through every imaginable channel: internet, mobile, satellite, cable, music stores, gift shops, big box retailers, licensees, music supervisors, and wholesalers.

It distributes the music and video works of thousands of musicians and record labels around the globe. Mr. Pasero attended San Francisco State University where he studied musical analysis, harmony, and composition, which led to postgraduate work in music transcription. Fans and critics say that Stevan Pasero is one of the music world’s best kept secrets, even though his music has been compiled on over 1000 CDs internationally.

His admirers at KKHI in San Francisco

“Some of the greatest guitar music of all time.”

All Music Guide states

“With classical guitar, the standard is generally Segovia and perhaps John Williams, but Pasero can keep up with the greats!”

Oprah Winfrey

“Close your eyes, lean back, and enjoy!”

Mr. Pasero is noted for his creative arranging and orchestration style as well as in-depth transcription and improvisatory skills. He is one of a few guitarists to record in several music idioms successfully, bridging both classical, jazz and world markets.

Along with his music and business ventures, Mr. Pasero is currently finishing his second book—a non-fiction work that traverses 150 years of the recorded music industry and outlines the current industry decline while outlining solutions for record labels, musicians, and contents owners around the world. In addition, he is very active with his sheet music company and has typeset hundreds of scores, transcriptions, arrangements and lessons for guitarists.

Dedicating one’s life work to being an artist as well as a business entrepreneur is ambitious. Being successful at both may be considered unprecedented. However, this is the work of a unique person, one that thrives in both idioms as an innovator, a researcher and a maestro of the arts.


KKHI/San Francisco

Some of the greatest guitar music of all time!

San Francisco Examiner, R. Pontzious

“Tastefully done, stylishly played; there are so many complimentary things to say!”

Billboard Magazine

“Unprecedented, revolutionary!”

All Music Guide

“Five Stars! With classical guitar, the standard is generally Segovia and perhaps John Williams, but Pasero can keep up with the greats!”


“One of the Top 2 releases of the year”

The Gavin Report, K. Zimmerman

“Amazing forte. Having finally seen Pasero onstage, I can testify that he is one excellent musician!”

Mix Magazine

“A talented guitarist!”


“Highly recommended! One of my favorite artist to listen to!”

L.A. Jazz Scene

“An immensely loyal core of fans!”

The Herald-Argus, Robert Dure

“Dazzling arrangements of Latin works!”

The Mac Report

“Lovely melodies; passionate, exquisite guitar adroitness…I love this guy´s talent!”



“Sheer listening pleasure!”